About Us

Who We Are

It is iomer’s mission to provide innovative solutions that deliver tangible benefits to our customers that enable them to meet and exceed their goals.

iomer is an Edmonton-based firm that focuses on the design and development of “people-centred systems with everyday impact.” We strive for excellence from start to finish on our projects, beginning with research and strategy, continuing through design, development, implementation, and support.

Successful digital products must do more than just deliver functioning technology. They must address the right business goals; they have to make things easier, clearer and more efficient for their users. And they have to be built to fit the context in which they’re used. Technology is critical, but it is only part of the picture. We help organizations build a complete picture – one that identifies all of the factors required for project and overall success.

We have a proven track record of designing, building and implementing successful solutions. Our team members collaborate closely with our clients throughout projects, and leverage their expertise to create well-rounded solutions both beautifully designed and robustly developed.


  • Multiple Canadian Microsoft Impact Awards Finalist
  • Alberta Premier's Awards
  • Alberta Venture Magazine Top Employers in Alberta