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Omnia is developed to be the best product for organizations that want to realize a Digital Workplace based on Office 365. With the evergreen and top ranked product, you will be well equipped to drive productivity even though the ways of working continuously evolve.

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User Experience

The user experience in a solution based on Omnia is intuitive, personalized and focused on getting things done, delivered with world-class performance on all screens.


Omnia hold strong concepts for internal communication and the product is designed to cater for both straightforward and complex communication scenarios.


Drive employee engagement with simplified and streamlined team collaboration. Omnia will help to alleviate users from the ever-present question on when to use what tool.


Omnia will empower administrators with strong governance tools to define policies, manage content and applications and monitor all vital aspects of the digital workplace.


To get things done you need immediate access to the right tools. With Omnia you can provide users with a unified experience of internal and external applications and services.

Knowledge Sharing

If your organization knew what your organization know, you would surely be more efficient. Use Omnia to implement structured knowledge sharing within the digital workplace.

Improve the way your team collaborates now.



A Top Ranked Product

Omnia is top-ranked in the comprehensive 2019 buyers’ guide to intranet products for SharePoint and Office 365 from ClearBox Consulting. Once again, the product got excellent reviews for functionality, concepts, pricing, user community and product support in the most comprehensive report on the market.

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New intranet fuels PatoGen’s growth

Norwegian fish-health company PatoGen has created a new Omnia-based intranet. While strengthening worldwide corporate ties, this new communications platform ensures that all employees are constantly updated on company news and that relevant information is always easily accessible.

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