Digital Workplace

A good collaborative system will drive your business forward, producing more fluid interactions, more innovative solutions, and more successful people. Portals and collaborative platforms enable individuals and teams to communicate, participate and work together seamlessly, independent of location.


  • Collaboration across geographical boundaries
  • Extend your internal intranet to selective access and service partners
  • Share pools of data with external stakeholders
  • Exchange large volumes of data


  • Increase efficiency of cross-department communications and interaction
  • Create company wide directories that allow employees to quickly connect with others for quick and easy collaboration
  • Arrange multiple levels of access for different employee groups

Strategy & Design

Our consulting methods balance the needs of users with the requirements of the business to support communications, improve operations and build the brand. We help you leverage technology to serve your goals and deliver value.

Our strategy and design work is always:

  • Consultative. We work closely with clients to ensure solutions are viable and strategically aligned. Our collaborative process minimizes risk and eliminates surprise.
  • Evidence-based. Research helps us deliver new insights, and make decisions based on evidence, instead of opinion.
  • Iterative. We create mockups and prototypes not just as an expressioin of a solution, but as a way to learn. We iterate with clients to build a common understanding and eliminate mistakes before development begins.
  • Creative. Research and experimentation help us deliver solutions that are functionally and visually creative. We help clients see challenges and solutions in new ways.
Our services include:
  • Research: Analytics, surveys, interviews, workshops
  • Content strategy: Information architecture, site maps, metadata
  • Design: Wireframes, prototypes, visual design
  • Evaluation: Usability testing


We have a proud history of combining cutting edge technology with business functionality to create powerful tools that empower workforces to drive their company forward. Our practitioners have extensive experience in understanding the information which underlies a business, and formulating the tools necessary to harness that information and channel it in the right direction.

Our Web Interactive team has experience in a range of fields, including:

  • eCommerce and Payment Systems
  • Product and Service Showcases
  • Online Catalogues
  • Custom Developed Web Tools


A tailored application solution from iomer will help you streamline your processes and workflows, by designing line of business applications that deliver excellent customer service in record time.

Let our experienced developers improve your business.

  • Custom developed software that is designed for your specific business requirements from the ground up
  • Developing process automating applications that save time and free up brainpower
  • We turn you data into results with business intelligence software, including dashboards & powerful reporting solutions